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Vol. 8 Issue 2 December 2017
Review Article
Alicyclobacillus species in fruit products spoilage: Causes and Control Measures
H.K. Bhandarkar, K.S. Bhamare, V.A. Agnihotri, S.S. Bharrdwaj
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Review Article


GERF Bulletin of Biosciences

December 2017, 8(2):1-12

Published Online: 31 December 2017


Alicyclobacillus species in fruit products spoilage: Causes and Control Measures



H.K. Bhandarkar1,2, K.S. Bhamare1, V.A. Agnihotri1, S.S. Bharrdwaj1*



1Microbiology Laboratory, Jain R&D, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, Agri park, Jain Hills, PO Box no. 72, Shirsholi Road, Jalgaon-425001, Maharashtra, India.

2North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India.



*Corresponding author:





Alicyclobacillus is gram positive, rod shaped, heterotrophic, thermoacidophilic, aerobic. It has ability to survive at high temperature and low pH, so it called Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacteria (TAB). The genus Alicyclobacillus is non-pathogenic but spoilage forming organism for fruit juice and juice concentrates. It is widely recognized to survive at pasteurization temperature, so it is not easily eliminated from fruit juice and fruit juice products. Spoilage by Alicyclobacillus is major concern for producers, as if not eliminated they are unaware of spoilage until product reaches consumers. This review focused on source of Alicyclobacillus, methods for isolation, causes of contamination of fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates by TAB, control measures including physical, chemical and biological treatments available till date for removal of Alicyclobacillus species. It is necessary to eliminate any traces of this spoilage organism from fruit juice and their products to improve the quality of product and to reduce economic loss, so new methods are constantly being established and investigated.


Key Words: Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacteria, spoilage, elimination, pasteurization.


 © Bhandarkar et al., 2017; licensee Green Earth Research Foundation. This article distributed under terms of Creative Commons Attribution License ( Which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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